Better Twitch Chat Feedback When Song Cannot Be Played

I went back to Jan 2018 and didn’t see this. Currently, if a YouTube song is skipped because the bot can’t play it, it just moves on to the next song. I’m told this is because the video must have a particular option selected, and if it’s not selected then the bot won’t play it.

The problem is that there is absolutely no feedback given to the chat about it. The person who requested the song never finds out why their song didn’t play, it just gets skipped. Ideally, I would like the bot to check playability when the song is requested, and if it can’t be played, to provide feedback in chat that says something like “The selected song cannot be added to the queue. Please find another version of it and try again.”

I think this is a good idea because in a chat I moderate, someone requested 5 songs and all of them said they were added to the queue, and then none of them played and the user never found out why. That seems unfair to chat.

The design issue with this, and would need to be an optional toggle, perhaps – some folks end up with 100 songs in a row, or a loop, where songs are rejected. With rate limits in Twitch, the bot will throttle itself and not be able to then answer any commands or timeout individuals. That is why no message is sent by design.

It isn’t really an option that is selected, YouTube and the content creators, are starting to disallow videos from being played in embedded mode. We are especially seeing this in other countries outside of the US – folks that have songs rejected, I have no problem requesting and playing.