Better feedback for when !editcom is used on an alias


So, as it stands, whenever one does !editcom [actually an alias] [new response] - we get the ‘You cannot overwrite a default command’ error message. This can be often misleading, as I and those I know, usually aren’t trying to edit a default command to begin with - usually a custom command. Furthermore, it can lead to frustration/confusion because whatever command one might be trying to edit is surely not a default command. And to the point, it doesn’t really end up helping the user solve the problem at hand.

Is it perhaps possible to provide better feedback to users when they’re trying to specifically edit what is actually an alias for command? Perhaps something that includes the root command - maybe like “Cannot edit response of an alias, try ‘!editcom [root command of given alias]…’” or something to that effect.

In this vein, it’s hard to track down what aliases are for what commands if we were trying to debug this on the go in chat, rather than going into the control panel to look at the aliases. It would be nice to have a command that lists aliases for it, or at least what command an alias is for, but that’s probably a separate request.

Would like to know if any of this seems viable - thank you!

EDIT: This has been added in this commit.