Automatic Clips Capture from Twitch


First, the warning about the accuracy of this:

There are restrictions on this due to the Twitch API. Twitch allows us to poll the clips from the “day” (assuming this is the current day, not sure if it is last 24 hours or not though). We poll 100 of the clips - this is the maximum that Twitch allows. We then scan over all of the clips for the newest one. If this is newer than the last one in the database, then an event will be sent and a message presented in chat.

Keep in mind that if you have over 100 clips in the “day” period, that the newest one will only bubble up if it has more views than the last newest clip. This, unfortunately is what Twitch returns and we hope they provide a better endpoint in the future.

This means that it is possible that the latest clip is NOT automatically displayed in chat! Do not open a bug report ticket if you have over 100 clips within the “day” period and the latest does not show up. The first thing we will ask and perhaps check is how many clips you have, if you have 100, we will reply as such and close the request.

Also note that during some testing, it seems that the Twitch API takes 3+ minutes to reply. In one test, it took almost 10 minutes. So, please, keep in mind that the Twitch API does not return data as soon as someone creates a clip.

Now that the warning has been presented.

To toggle this feature, run the following command with an admin account or above (unless you change the permission): !clipstoggle

You may set the message with !clipsmessage. It supports tags of (name) and (url).

The same commands are available in Discord as well as !clipschannel to set the channel to send the data to.

Please note that as the data is primed, that the last clip in your channel will be displayed in chat, if it exists in the “day” period as defined by Twitch.