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PhantomBot Version: 2. 3. 9. 1
OS Version: windows 10
Java Version: V8 update 144
Browser and Version mozzila
Stock PhantomBot:No (only questing system changed)

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Hi, how do i change the message for promoting people to regulars / where is it in the codeing as i would like to change it but cannot find it anywhere, and i do not want the standard message as i would like to fit it in with the the rest of my channels theme (twitch)

Cheers Lemonlimepickle

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it can be found in /scripts/lang/english/main.js

Search for timesystem.autolevel.promoted

Here’s a guide on modifying the lang files:


Thanks for that, if there any way i can change the name of the rank regular?
i thought this might be able to be done from that text but it appears i was wrong.


There is no way, no. Changing it will break many features and other checks the bot has.

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