Allow Users to Set Greetings


If you would like your users to be able to set personalized greetings, tell them to use the following command in chat:

!greeting enable [default | message]

If they use !greeting enable default then the default greeting message is used, otherwise they can provide any message they want to, for example !greeting enable IllusionaryOne fades into chat.

If a user no longer wishes to be greeted, they can run !greeting disable

Of course, the owner of the bot must enable greetings first. Enable the greetings either through the Control Panel or through chat with the following command: !greeting toggle

Note that there is a cooldown on the greetings. This helps ensure that if Twitch is having problems or a user is having a bad internet connection day and they keep reconnecting that chat is not spammed. Adjust this from the Control Panel or with the command: !greeting cooldown [hours]