Adventure System not loading / finding any adventures

Today, after updating to the newest version Phantombot 3.1.2, it does not seem to be able to load any adventures. I found some Adventures programmed into the games-adventureSystem.js inside the used language folder and i found the fallback system inside the adventureSystem.js Script to load default stories:

 * Loads stories from the prefixes 'adventuresystem.stories.default' (only if the language
 * property of 'adventuresystem.stories.default.enabled' is set to 'true') and
 * 'adventuresystem.stories'.
 * Clears any previously loaded stories.
 * @function loadStories
function loadStories() {
    currentAdventure.users = [];
    currentAdventure.survivors = [];
    currentAdventure.caught = [];
    currentAdventure.gameState = 0;

    stories = [];

    // For backwards compatibility, load default stories if the variable is not set
    if (!$.lang.exists('adventuresystem.stories.default') || $.lang.get('adventuresystem.stories.default') === 'true') {

I get this in the console when the bot launches:
[INFO] You must have at least one adventure that doesn’t require a game to be set.

And this when i try to start an adventure
[ERROR] [adventureSystem.js:236] No adventures found; cannot start an adventure.

I cannot find any cause for this, or any description of this obviously changed system, because when i used 3.0.0 it worked and i was able to program my own adventures. The tutorial i found in the forum here is older than 3.0.0 and even if i follow those instructions (create copy and path structure inside custom folder) there is no luck for me. How can i add my adventures? Do i have to reload them manually? Why does the system not use the default stories? where can i find the cause for this?

Thanks in advance

Is there really no one that can help me with this? I can provide more information if needed :slight_smile:


Does it work if you remove the custom lang file with your new adventures?