Acquire YouTube API Key


Applies to Nightly Build 31 May 2017 and later.

In order to use the YouTube Player in PhantomBot, you must obtain your own YouTube API key. The PhantomBot team apologies for this inconvenience. Unfortunately, the quotas had constantly been used in less than 3 hours either due to abuse or misuse.

If you experience issues, please open a support ticket with us on the forum.

First, shutdown PhantomBot, then:

Step 1 - Login to Google Developers Console:
Step 2 - Click on Select a Project drop down.
Step 3 - Click on the + button to create a new project.

Step 4 - Name your project, click on the Create button.

Step 5 - Click on Select a Project drop down.
Step 6 - Select your project from the Recent tab – if not present, select the All tab.

Step 7 - Ensure that you are on the Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard menu option on the left.
Step 8 - Click on Enable API text button near top of page. If asked to agree to Terms of Service, please read, and if you accept, do so.
Step 9 - Click on YouTube Data API

Step 10 - Click Enable text button near top of page.

Step 11 - Click on Create Credentials

Step 12 - Click on API Key

Step 13 - OPTIONAL. You may choose to restrict your API Key to only your IP address, that is up to you. You may also choose to only allow the key to work with the YouTube API.
Step 14 - Place the acquired API Key into botlogin.txt as youtubekey=API_KEY_VALUE.

Note: As of Nightly Build (2018 Dec 18), command ytsetup may be used from the Console to input the API key. Simply paste in the key provided by YouTube when prompted.

Example: If the API key from Google was Iedohb0ieleiquahgohshek7quohDoDe7ohtaqua you would add the following to botlogin.txt:


Restart PhantomBot.

Note the Following
If you receive a No data returned error while importing playlists or trying to perform a song request, check that you copied your API key correctly and did not apply any restrictions that may be causing an issue.

Note that you could always provide your own key, the Nightly Version of 31 May 2017 and beyond simply detects that situation and acts accordingly.

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