About the Nightly Builds category


Information and bug reports for the nightly builds.

Nightly builds will now be available at the following URLs:

The first link is PhantomBot built using an Oracle JDK while the second build uses OpenJDK.

A log of when the builds occurred and the Git Repository version used for the master pull is located here.

You may also review the #development and #nightly-build channels in the PhantomBot Discord. The #development channel contains all commits and the #nightly-build channel contains some additional information, depending upon the feature that was added/fixed.

Nightly Builds should be considered Alpha and Beta level code and you are essentially acting as a tester for that code by using it. Support is not provided. If support is requested all tickets will be moved to the Nightly Build section. We will take in bug reports, but we will typically ignore any requests to setup new features or to help with problems with the build.

For those that are more familiar and comfortable with Git, they may compare the repository versions to find out what changed each day, or between several days.

Please note the following:

  1. The builds are performed at 4am PT / 7am ET / 11am GMT
  2. The nightly build is taken from a fresh clone of the master branch.
  3. No support is provided for the nightly build.
  4. This build may contain experimental code.
  5. This build may corrupt user data. Please ensure that your phantombot.db and botlogin.txt is always backed up.
  6. This build may have severe bugs and other issues.
  7. This build may not launch.
  8. If you wish to report a bug, please ensure that you identify a bug report as a Nightly Build and what date you downloaded the Nightly Build as well as the Build Revision. The Build Revision allows us to track a specific Nightly Build more precisely.
  9. Ensure that the bug does not exist in the Stable Release. Bugs reported should be for new features not present in the Stable Release. If the bug exists in the Stable Release, then file the ticket in the appropriate section. This helps us to prioritize work.

Use at your own risk. It is highly recommended that all files are used. This means the PhantomBot.jar file, all files from the lib directory, all scripts, and all web files.

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