About the Feature Requests category


Looking for a large feature to be added to PhantomBot? Find out if your feature has already been requested, or request it yourself!

Please note that we will not reply to all feature requests, we will only be replying to the ones that are impossible to implement, or ones that could cause a performance impact on the bot.
If your feature gets enough votes from the community, there’s a very high chance that it will be implemented into PhantomBot.

The features below are not planned to be implemented for the foreseeable future. All requests that mimic these will be denied.

  • Per Group/User commands - Denied for performance reasons.
  • Support for other streaming services - Denied.
  • API Support - Has to have up to date documentation and a stable release.
  • Multi-User Panel - Current panel will stay single user, no ETA on new panel.
  • Auto Updater - No ETA if we decided to do this.
  • New Twitch Events - If the API is not updated to support it, we cannot add it.
  • Rank decay - Denied, all things with extensive timers impact performance too significantly.
  • Revlo Features - Denied, no plans to clone another bots system.
  • Automatic Gain Control/Fading for YouTube player - Denied, we stream from the YouTube API, all features must be supported by the API.
  • Keep raffles through restarts - Denied, heavily impacts performance.
  • Multi-Channel Support - Denied, requires a full bot re-write.
  • User/Group specific Commands - Denied, impacts performance.