Ability to enable/disable individual timers

The ability to enable/disable individual timers would be awesome so we don’t have to remove it every time we want it out of rotation. Or so we don’t have to disable the module to stop them.

Exactly what I’m thinking.

But that is over a year ago that @IllusionaryOne mentioned it being worked on.
I understand that implementing it to fit specific games etc. can be a handful, but the simple on/off feature, isn’t that fairly easy (I wouldn’t know myself) :smiley:

Yes, and no, the entire subsystem has been rewritten to store additional information about the timers. By default, PhantomBot stores a piece of data and one related value, this requires additional data to be stored and dealt with. The Core code has long since been completed, the GUI configuration, which is going to be more difficult, still needs to be completed.

@IllusionaryOne will this be also available for normal commands too? Found that quite convenient in the Streamlabs Bot.

It will.

Sorry for my lack of response - But I’m looking forward to seeing this feature implemented.
Being able to switch them on/off individually etc. would be very helpful and save lots of time :slight_smile:

You are all doing a GREAT job with this bot :slight_smile:

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