3 things: disable !commands, !songlist and username in response


I am using Phantombot for some time and i am very happy with it. But i want to change 3 things to make it even better for me and my viewers. All in one post, because i don’t want to do 3 topics.

1) How to disable !commands command?

I don’t like how it lists all the recent custom commands I made, thats why i want to disable / delete the default version and create simple custom one.

2) Is there a way to export current songlist to a file?

I know that there are !nextsong next and !nextsong list commands but they are not working very well for me. I would like bot to export all the songlist data to a single file (.txt, .xlsx, .csv for googledrive) and update it every time somebody uses !songlist command. I know that there is playlist import option, why no export?

3) How to add username to custom command respond?

I want my custom commands to respond to @ the user that wrote the command in chat, but don’t know how to add it to response.
(userprefix) like in !points message is not working.



I can’t specifically answer for 2, however:
1 -

!disablecom [command]
Disable a command from being used in chat

!enablecom [command]
Enable a command thats been disabled from being used in chat

It’s also worth noting that !commands will only show users the custom commands that they can actually use, so as the broadcaster, it will show you everything, but a standard viewer will only see the custom commands that they can use.

For 3, use (@sender) or (sender). Other custom command variables are here.

  1. You can actually just create your own custom commands command and it should override the default.

  2. There’s no export function because it hasn’t been requested. Most of the time people use a playlist they created, and there’s hardly a reason to export what you just imported. !stealsong can be used to add the current playing song to the current playlist. But there’s nothing like what you describe. I don’t see it being very hard to come up with though.

Just go through the current playlist database and have it save link to a specified file. It wouldn’t export all the data, just the youtube url. If you wanted to export song names and etc, that would more than likely require hitting the youtube api, as not all song data would be cached.

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