2.4.2 Ticket Raffle cost always 1 coin /ticket

Ticket Raffle in 2.4.2 always cost 1 coin with 1 ticket
i wnat to sure so i try a new bot and same with that

its like i use 100 max tickets and cost 5 coins every ticket
and it will be 100 max tickets and 1 coin every ticket…

i’m trying to change language with web but it’s fxcking hard…for me
it cant use js like lang folder
so i think only way is stay in a stable/old version
that why i also try with a new bot…old its broken with that…
hope it will be easier in feature
and thx so much help

You can use the beta-panel to edit language files directly, or follow the guide here to edit the language files. To modify the whole bot and the panel itself requires you to edit the code, and will probably remain that way.

As for the ticket raffle issue I will be moving this post to a bug report. I have confirmed that the issue is with the original panel, and it does work fine from the chat. You can use chat commands until a bug fix is rolled out, or you can upgrade to the beta-panel. Personally I’d grab the beta-panel as it’s a much needed improvement over the old one. :slight_smile:

thx a lot for that!:grin:
it work well in beta-panel!

found another little question(or not?) the beta-panel’s Localization
it cant save if i use chinese in the word…
so i still need edit lang with notepad++

and can i repost the beta-panel(maybe also some lang file?) after i change language?
of course will tag with the website
or only post file in this forum?

I’ll look into why you cannot use Chinese characters in the localization of the beta-panel, thank you for the report!

You can make a post with your custom language files yes, as long as it is under this section of the forums: Custom Modules - PhantomBot Community Forum

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